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Welcome to BACC, here we:


Promote cycling and influence improvements of both existing and new cycle routes.

Work with other organisations/groups who share our aims & exchange information.

Tackle people’s safety concerns and assisting with the reduction of traffic congestion.

​Encourage people to do more physical activity.

Communicate positive messages about the benefits of all sustainable means of transport.

Recent News (test)

Route Audits – 19th November 2019

Our auditing team has now commenced the audit of Rhode Lane. Since starting the audit process we have completed over twenty audits covering all the main routes in and out of town. The Department for Transport (DfT), has requested that our towns & cities produce a Local Walking & Cycling Infrastructure Plan (LWCIP). The document will use the audits to provide key evidence to the government of our existing infrastructure layout. It is our aim to supply compelling data and analysis to pursue new funding for good quality walking & cycling route networks.